The main idea of the architectural and remanegement project of the PHOENIX BY THE GREEN Condominium is the construction of porticos that determine a mask to the whole building, redefining then a new aesthetic without the need to demolish or use any radical intervention, concealing all the elevations and roofing aesthetics’ imperfections.

With this new aesthetic the project determines an upgrade in the condominium’s image and a consequent ascension of the buyers’ and future resident’s social scale and a consequent new cost-benefit relation of the enterprise and finally a new comercial value.

These porticos could be built using masonry and concrete or using metal structure covered with plaster model or wood, or simply with wooden structure and coating, which would be less costly at the time or within the construction’s time frame.

The other determinant intervention of the enterprise’s quality is the offer of two parking spaces per unit and for that we have two proposals, the first would have the 52 spaces in the bottom floor, depending if the city’s legislation allows some of them to be in the area outside of the lot in front of the buildings. Otherwise we present the option of having a two levels’ parking lot, that would higher the cost but in the other hand would value the construction for potential buyers.

The landscape is presented in two proposals, the first with rocks, palm trees, a water mirror and local vegetation, the second with a conventional garden framing a desert garden with cactuses of various species in a ground of small and big rocks.

The proposed colors are the desert colors, using the example of the Taliesin West, we present two proposals, our favorite being the one with more authentic colors, original but light colors and the other more conservative like majority of the Phoenix’s condominiums, although this matter could be discussed later on during the construction.

The balconies will be framed with 60 cm (height) of masonry to preserve the resident’s privacy and 40 cm of laminated glass to allow an ample view of the condominium’s green area.

The metalic covering net structure that crosses the garden, protects the stairs and creates an area of shade and leisure near the water mirror, rocks and showers.

In the Project A the stairs will be rebuilt to value the upper condos that will be the top ones. We present some proposals to improve the condos without much intervention like changing the entrance doors, the windows, using granite for the kitchen and bathroom counters. The bath and kitchen pieces should be replaced, also the lighting.

We created a gym room with a garden in the place of the laundry and storage rooms.

The existing palm trees will be preserved and we’ll still add another five parallel to the avenue.

The vegetation to be added will be of local native species besides desert vegetation.

The water mirror will have 30 cm or one foot of depth and will only be of aesthetic composition and ambience to the condominium’s garden. Behind the rocks we’ll have two showers for the residents’ use and under the metallic net structure a leisure area with rest chairs and tables for pleasure and gathering.

The project B maintains the existing stairs, it will have all the parking spots on the bottom level (depending on the city’s legislation), it will have grass in the green area, palm trees and local vegetation, and a smaller metallic covering net for the stairs, both ways.

The porticos that frame the new condominium are extremely important to the enterprise’s new image, since they give a determinant aesthetic solution for the quality of the enterprise and mainly because they conceal all roofing interventions, besides creating brises soleil as protection for the afternoon’s sun and as an important element to the aesthetic composition.